Vogtland Wanderer

Discovering the beautiful Vogtland region and other parts of Saxony through the lens of my iPhone and Olympus camera.
Ein Holländer auf Entdeckungstour ins wunderschöne Vogtland und Sachsen.

About Vogtland Wanderer

I’m literally a Wanderer as I have moved between several countries over the course of 20 years. I’ve started off in The Netherlands and from there I moved to Germany. Then to Scotland for 6 years and now I’m finally settled in Vogtland, an administrative area or “Kreis” in German. Vogtland is a beautiful part of south-east Saxony bordering the Czech Republic and Bavaria. .

Winter im Wald bei Klingenthal

Vogtland and Plauen

Vogtland is known for its picturesque landscapes, charming towns, and a rich cultural heritage. There are several Spa’s such as Bad Elster and Bad Brambach. Also in Vogtland is Markneukirchen, which played an important role in the manufacturing of Musical Instruments. There are opportunities for winter sports such as Langlauf and Downhill skiing, mostly in Klingenthal and Schöneck, but also in other places.

Plauen is the largest town in Vogtland. Plauen is known for its historic architecture, particularly the Old Town Hall and the Church of St. John. The Plauen lace industry has a significant historical presence. While Zwickau is not entirely within Vogtland, it is a nearby city with historical significance. It’s home to museums, including the August Horch Museum, dedicated to the history of the automobile.

Cities and Towns
Land & forest

Schönberg Castle and Village

Schönberg is Saxony's southernmost village on the southern slopes of the Elster Mountains. It is dominated by the old castle, which was supposed to secure the border to Bohemia. Schönberg Castle dates back to the 15th century and was beautifully renovated in 1994. The...

Markneukirchen in Black and White

Markneukirchen is a lovely village in East Vogtland famous for the manufacturing of musical instruments. The history of musical instruments can best be learned in the local museum of music.  A few weeks ago my daughter had a school assignment which was taking five...

Fairy Tale Castle Moritzburg

The Barok Castle "Schloss Moritzburg" is not only a feast for the eye, and camera, but for many German's it's best known as the place where the famous fairy tale of "Aschenbrödel" was filmed. The film is especially popular during Christmas time and is a joy to watch....


Painting a portrait of Vogtland and Saxony with my Camera