Miles of walking and cycling paths in the forest


The entire area between Auerbach in Vogtland and Schönheide in the Ore Mountains is a beautiful forest with many miles of walking and cycling paths. Within this large forest are several smaller villages and settlements such as Bad Reiboldsgrün with the recently converted sanatorium, it is now a school for forestry. Another settlement is Albertsberg and further down the road you can find Schnartanne, a small village, and Carolagrün, another small settlement. Here ends the Vogtland area and starts the Ore Mountains area (Erzgebirge). Schönheide is the nearest village and due to its altitude often has snow in the winter.

Hirschteig Albertsberg
Albertsberg Kapelle
Albertsberg Fischteich im Winter
Albertsberg Brunnen im Winter
Albertsberg Siedlung
Albertsberg Siedlung
Albertsberg Teich im Sommer
Albertsberg Teich im Winter
Albertsberg Siedlung
Albertsberg Siedlung

Albertsberg itself is nothing more than a few houses situated within the forest and offers, besides peace and quiet, plenty of possibilities for shorter and longer hikes. It’s beautiful in every season although I like it best with snow and sunshine. There are a few smaller lakes, the larger is named Hirschteig. Literally translated Deer Pond.

Not far from Albertsberg, in fact at walking distance, is the Vogtlandsee and Waldpark Gruenheide, a summercamp for kids from the city. The entire area is fantastic for walking, cycling and longer hikes. You’ll find nothing but peace and quiet and every now and then a few fellow nature lovers!



Painting a portrait of Vogtland and Saxony with my Camera